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The SAVIGNY company, created in 1946 by Marcel Savigny, is specialized in the design and production of fixing and articulation systems.

Our company, still within the founder's family today, is recognized by the main contractors in many areas such as defense, packaging, mechanical industries, railways, agricultural machinery, public works, industrial vehicles...

With 75 years of experience, the european leader in so-called "toggle" lever closures, in the manufacture of hinges, handles, locks and others accessories for civil and military crates, SAVIGNY has a unique reputation in Europe and all over the world, to meet the requirements of its customers in terms of quality services, costs and deadlines.

Our permanent stock of more than 2500 references of hinges and locks, standards and specifics, allows us to be a reactive and essential partner of the fastening market.

The SAVIGNY company is equipped with the latest production tools enabling it to produce its own tools and ensure the production of small, medium and large series (cutting-stamping presses from 15T to 160T, machining center, numerically controlled punching machines, surface treatment chain, complete assembly workshop - by welding, riveting, pinning...)

Our goal is to achieve the total satisfaction of our customers. Our ISO 9001 certification was a first step in this direction and we are pursuing with determination our efforts to always serve you better. This is why we make it a point of honor to select and monitor the best suppliers with whom we have a solid partnership.

We also provide you with our design office and all of our production resources, in order to carry out all your specifics and personalized products in the field of cutting-stamping, small sheet metal work and mechanical welding.