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The purchase orders should be considered as effective only after receiving our agreement of acknowledgment . These terms and conditions cancel the general buying conditions which may appear on the Customer's orders.

Special articles

Any item not listed in our catalog , or whether it contains with " on demand " , is considered as special and not held in stock.
Any order of these items involves a longer lead time and production determined by us. We reserve the possibility to deliver special fabrication with a tolerance of + or - 5 % of the quantity ordered.


The Price that we give should not be considered firm for immediate option .
The invoiced price is the price prevailing at the time of the order.

Tooling for special articles

Excepted on specification of Customer, prices of tooling are determined by participation. The tools are our property and cannot not be taken back.

Delivery schedule and dates

All delivery time are given as purely indicative and in no event we cannot be held responsible . Therefore no order cancellation or delay compensation can  sanction their passing.
Any customer's order tending to reduce the term entails the implementation of a special service that requires the application of a higher rate. In all cases , the deadlines stated are from our Institutions; we cannot bear responsibility for delays in transport.


Unless otherwise stated, our prices are excluding packaging. On request of the customer, they can be included in our proposals.


Unless otherwise specified , shipments are still made in advanced transportation , listed on the invoice.


Any claim , concerns quantities, errors or apparent defects must be received within a maximum of ten days after the arrival of the goods.


Our warranty is limited to replacement of defective items.

Terms of payment

No further credit shall be given to the customer unless agreed in written by the supplier. Otherwise , payment is required in cash. In any case the credit cannot exceed 60 days. If settlement is due, an accepted bill must be received within eight days. If settlement is due, an accepted bill must be received within eight days.
In the event of default payment by the Customer in accordance with agreed terms, the Supplier shall be entitled without prejudice to any other right or remedy to suspend all further deliveries without notice, and the Supplier shall be entitled to bring an action for the price notwithstanding that property in the goods has not passed to the Customer.

Minimum order of registration: 100 euros

Reservation  of ownership: the transfer of  ownership of the goods takes place after full payment of the due sums.


All disputes arising out of this contract, shall be resolved by arbitration, the commercial Court of Melun.