Rigid SAV toggle latch

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  • Right angles Toggle Latches Rigid Sav Toggle Latch 2
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Lever : 20/10th metal
Fixing tab : 20/10th metal with 2 slotted holes 8.2x5.2.
Ring : Ø wire
Locking lever : 18/8 stainless steel, thickness 1.2 mm.
Return spring : Ø 8/10th stainless steel wire.
Assembly elements: 1 riveted pin Ø 4 mm; 1 riveted stainless steel pin Ø 3 mm.
Use on 2 perpendicular planes.
Possibility of sealing.
Maximum operating tension: 75daN
Recommended Catch Plate: Type AC 144; AC 122
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Steelwhite zinc coatingwith holes9,300GO.3029-ZI
Stainless steel 18/8rawwith holes9,300GO.3029-IB
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